High Speed Internet for Clevedon/Hunua area

FullTilt is an internet provider based on Waiheke Island, we have customers around the country and also supply internet to Rakino Island as well as Orapiu.  It was our goal to get close to fiber speed internet and phone services delivered via wireless to the Clevedon/Hunua area.

If you are interested in getting fast internet please enter your details below.

This information will only be used to contact you if and when FullTilt setup internet in your area.

  • Physical address where you would like internet installed.
  • All of FullTilt's plans are unlimited data, you choose the speed you want.
  • Select if you are interested in a phone line.
  • If you have a property that is high up and has good views of Clevedon, Hanua or Kawakawa and would like to have a wireless site on your land in return for free or discounted internet, please let us know.