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Dan Ballard the Managing Director of FullTilt an wireless internet company based on Waiheke Island has announced that they are launching into the Clevedon area. Dan began this setup into the Clevedon area as people from the region were getting in touch with him and asking about internet options. It has taken a few months to get all the ducks lined up says Dan, and thanks the people of Clevedon for their amazing patience, FullTilt will be ready to launch in Clevedon on Tuesday the 15th of January 2019. 

Anyone interested can view the FullTilt coverage map below and enter your address to see if you are in the coverage area.  If you are in the light green area you have a high chance of being able to connect to the FullTilt network with a great speed, our wireless site is on Creightons road above Ardmore Treatment Plant so if you have a good line of sight from your roof you will be able to get internet from us. 

As well as providing internet FullTilt can also provide a phone line if it is wanted. However FullTilt want to focus on internet installs during January.  FullTilt will be installing on a first come first serve basis so the order that people place their internet connections is the same order that the installs will be booked where possible.

You can view FullTilt’s plans and pricing at this link FullTilt wireless plans!/wireless

Just a reminder we are having a break until the 14th of January 2019 however if you have any questions you can send an email by going to!/contact

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