FullTilt, a Waiheke based internet provider has connected their first customer in Orapiu.  Orapiu is not part of the government funded Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout so FullTilt has extended their network to service the area.

Fast reliable internet for Orapiu

“It is FullTilt’s goal supply fast reliable internet to places that are not part of the UFB rollout” says Dan Ballard, Managing Director of FullTilt.

For the last three months FullTilt has been setting up the latest wireless technology and working with local land owners to deliver high speed reliable internet to Orapiu.

FullTilt had an ambitious goal to get 100Mbps speed internet with low latency to enable high bandwidth applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and Netflix. That goal was achieved earlier this month with their first installation.

“My work requires using a number of intense graphics and videoconference applications, and for those I really must have reliable internet at high speeds.  The availability of near 100mbps speeds in Orapiu was a pleasant surprise to me, as it extends the opportunity to do some of my professional work at home.  The savings in commute time and expense to Auckland will probably pay for the service!” – Scott Diener, Orapiu

Speedtest result for Orapiu Internet

Orapiu Internet speed test in Orapiu

Speed test of Scotts new Orapiu internet connection

When Scott first saw the speeds FullTilt had achieved he could hardly believe it. FullTilt was able to get just under 100Mbps download speed which is equivalent to a fibre connection.

FullTilt is the only Waiheke based internet provider that has unlimited data plans. They also provide wireless internet and have a focus on providing great local service with additional services such as internet wiring and business quality wifi setup.

FullTilt is a full Internet provider delivering internet via copper and fibre.  They are building their own wireless network which is currently delivering internet to Oneroa, Blackpool, Surfdale, Palm Beach, Te Whau, Rakino Island, Margaret Reeve Lane and now Orapiu.

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