What is Naked Broadband?

Naked broadband is copper or fibre broadband without a phone line. With FullTilt you have a choice of having naked broadband, internet without a phone line, or clothed broadband, internet access over your current phone line with an existing provider.

Does my plan really have no data cap?

That is right.

We don’t have a fair use policy based on the amount of GBs you can download. If network starts being affected by a few heavy users, then we will have to look at it, but until now we have not had an issue. That being said, please don’t abuse it.

Fulltilt is suitable for both residential and business purposes. If you require dedicated bandwidth for your connection we can arrange that too.

What happens to my landline if I switch to Fulltilt?

If you order Fulltilt naked broadband (broadband with no phone line), you will lose your landline phone and number when you make the switch. If you really want to have a home phone make sure you choose that in the sign up process to keep your existing number. Please tell us in the notes if you want to keep your existing number when you sign up, it’s really important to double check.

Also be aware monitored house alarms, medical alarms, fax machines, eftpos machines, and ordering pay per view movies through your SKY box (who does that these days?) all use your phone line. If you order naked broadband, you will lose your line, so none of them will work. Sad times. It’s up to you to check it out. If these services are important to you, then Fulltilt naked broadband is not for you, make sure you choose a clothed broadband plan (a plan that comes with a phone line).

(Please note that you may get a dial tone on your landline for about a day after the switch over, as the phone system updates.)

How long before I'm connected to Fulltilt?

We endeavour to have our VDSL2 (Copper) customers connected within 5-7 working days. On the day, if you’re transitioning from an existing internet connection, you’ll likely lose connection for about an hour. For circumstances that may delay your connection, we will advise you further and work on getting you connected ASAP. In many cases though we have customers up and running in just a couple of days.

For new UFB (Fibre broadband) connections, it takes a little longer because there’s always a new cable that needs to be laid.

We’re pretty realistic when we suggest you expect around 3 months. Some take less, some take longer. If you’re down a right of way, shared driveway, or in a “Multi-dwelling unit” like an Apartment, then Chorus will need to obtain “consent” (Permission) from your neighbours etc to roll out the new cable. If you’re on good terms with them, it may pay to let them know in advance you’re getting UFB and that they’ll need to provide consent to Chorus, as that will speed up your install-time significantly!

Will my Internet go down during the switch?

It usually goes down for about an hour, sometimes less. You may need to restart your modem to get it going at your end. There’s a chance you’ll get a dial tone on your phone for about a day after the switch. It’s totally normal.

Don’t worry if the Chorus Tech has left and you still aren’t online, it’ll kick in to life shortly after he’s gone away and made some changes on his end of things.

Do I need to wait at home for a technician?

For connections to ADSL/VDSL (Coasting and Steady plans) no you don’t need to be home. Sometimes the tech may turn up as a courtesy. We ask that you leave your router turned on so we can test the line and ensure you’re up and running.

If you’re getting a dedicated jackpoint installed, you’ll most certainly need to be home for them to install that for you.

For UFB (Cruising, Speeding, Cranking and Fulltilt) we ask that you be home for the day of your installation, as well as when Chorus come out to “scope” the installation and decide where they’re going to install their equipment and how they’re going to run the fibre cable to the “Optical Network Terminal” or ONT.

Is there any minimum term contract?

No, we don’t do contracts. However if you leave before the end of your first 12 months, Chorus may charge you an early leaving fee of $199.

Do I need to tell my current ISP I'm moving?

Not usually, no.

If you do for whatever reason, please don’t tell your current ISP you are leaving until you have fully transferred.

If you do tell them earlier, and they cancel your connection early, that can cause some pretty bad complications that just end up delaying getting you online (and could possibly leave you without any internet at all).

Don’t forget your contacts. If you’ve got an email address with your current provider, we recommend you speak to them about retaining it, or you can get a free gmail email address.

How do I set up my modem?

If you’ve ordered your modem from us, then it will come preconfigured and ready to go!

If you’re keeping an older router, we will email you the settings when you sign up. Make you print these out or write them down in advance, ready for the change.

What modem settings are best for Fulltilt?

Many modems come with the correct settings pre-programmed, so you may not need to use these settings. However in some cases, modem configuration can make a big difference to network performance. You might need to tweak some settings slightly and you may not need to use all the settings.

If you do need to manually enter the settings, here are the settings for FULLTILT:

ADSL (Coasting)

  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 100
  • Encapsulation: PPPoA
  • Multiplexing: VCMUX
  • Username: emailed to you when you signed up
  • Password: emailed to you when you signed up

VDSL (Steady)

  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 110
  • Mode: VDSL2
  • PPP Protocol: PPPoE
  • Encapsulation: 802.1Q
  • PCP / QoS Marking: 0
  • VLAN ID: 10
  • Username: emailed to you when you signed up
  • Password: emailed to you when you signed up

UFB (Cruising, Speeding, Cranking and FullTilt)

  • Mode: VDSL2
  • PPP Protocol: PPPoE
  • Encapsulation: 802.1Q
  • PCP / QoS Marking: 0
  • Username: emailed to you when you signed up
  • Password: emailed to you when you signed up
  • WAN VLAN: Not used

If changing the modem settings doesn’t resolve any issues you were having, it might be time to get serious, and take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide. Alternatively, submit a support ticket to our agents at [email protected]

What's the speed / quality of Fulltilt internet?

We believe in providing a great quality product, by getting rid of the stuff you don’t want. We’ve invested in the important network parts, but cut out all the things that you don’t want – that means no landline, no free email account or cheap anti-virus, no physical stores, no expensive call centre and no bundled TV. Just sweet broadband!

Where is your support based?

All our staff are based in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re 100% local!

Do you offer wiring and maintenance insurance?

If you require additional wiring, jack points or filters, please get in contact with one of our support agents here for more information on this. We’re happy to recommend registered electricians. All additions required would be at the customers cost. Fulltilt only offer a standard connection for $49.

What's included in your standard connection?

Fulltilt provide a standard broadband connection, which has a one-off charge of $49. Our standard connection does not generally require a home visit, however a technician may visit your home to confirm your connection is working, for which there will be no charge. However, if you need a technician to come to your place for wiring, it won’t be included in your standard connection fee.

There are a couple of reasons why you may need a technician to visit:

1. You’re in a brand new home without wiring

We don’t currently offer Fulltilt for brand new homes with no wiring. However we can assist in getting your wiring organised and get connected with Fulltilt. Please just submit a support ticket to our team at [email protected] regarding your issue.

2. You’re in an old home with corroded wiring

If you live in an old home, where wiring was completed many years ago, we recommend you get an electrician to survey your internal wiring. Over time wiring corrodes and gets damaged. This will impact on the speeds and broadband connection you receive.


I'm upgrading to VDSL. Do I need new home wiring?

In most cases with a new home, additional wiring is not required for VDSL to work. However to get the best speeds possible. We can offer to get the required wiring completed for you through Chorus NZ. There is a one-off payment of $199 required for this internal wiring. If you’re transferring from another provider’s VDSL or you have had a monitored home alarm, you’ll probably already have a master filter installed.

Will I need a Master Filter if I get the VDSL connection?

It wouldn’t hurt to get one installed. A Master Filter can potentially improve your speeds by separating the broadband signal from the phone signal and reducing ‘noise’. If you’re perfectly happy with your Fulltilt speed then you can forget a filter. But if you’re unhappy, or just want to hit top speed, then it’s definitely worth a go. Beware of imitations. A Master Filter is very different to the more common filters that you can just plug into a socket yourself. Master Filters have to be installed by a technician. We can get these installed for you by a registered Chorus New Zealand technician for a one-off payment of $199. Please just ask one of our support agents about this.

What do I do about Email?

You don’t get an email address with Fulltilt.

So if you’ve got email with your current broadband provider, you can probably hold onto that. Just give them a call to set that up, they might charge you a bit to keep it, but make sure you do that before we switch you over and your existing service is cancelled.

Plus there’s always the option of signing up with one of the free online email services like Google’s Gmail or Outlook.com.


Can i keep my Home phone number?

Yes you can keep it, you have a choice. You can keep it the traditional way or you can get VOIP. Voip is way cheaper.

We can make sure you keep your phone number by following these three steps.

1. Sign up for Fulltilt.

2. As soon as you can after that, send us a separate query letting us know that you want to keep your number. It would help a lot if you could tell us whether it’s a fixed line number (that’s the Plain Old Fashioned Telephone Service (POTS) that uses copper) or a VOIP number included in your current provider’s bundle (like the one you get with Orcon’s GeniusGo service).

3a. If it’s a POTS number, we’ll move it to Fulltilt, but we’ll leave your landline connected. After you’ve been switched to Fulltilt, contact your VOIP provider and ask them to port the number over. This step is especially important because if you don’t, your POTS provider will keep charging you. And it ain’t cheap. Once your VOIP provider has confirmed the number has been ported, contact your landline provider to cancel the landline.

3b. If it’s a VOIP number bundled with broadband, like Orcon Genuis, we’ll need to schedule the broadband to move on the same day as the number. Once you’ve informed us, we’ll give you more detail on how this needs to happen. It’s not hard.

Can i keep my existing broadband and just add Fulltilt as second line?

Yes, we can install ADSL/VDSL on a second line if the cabling already exists. If you live in a UFB ready area, we will need to ensure that your copper line, which is ADSL/VDSL, hasn’t been removed during the laying of UFB. A second line is not available for UFB connections.

Do you offer a static IP address?

Yes we do. All our connections come with a static IP address, and we don’t charge you any crazy fees for it either!

When can I contact Fulltilt?

You can send us a message anytime using our support ticket system, our team will respond to you between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week.

We’ll do our best to get back to you within 2 hours for connection issues and 24 hours for all other issues and enquiries

How do I provide feedback or suggestions for improvements?

You can submit feedback through our support ticket system.

How do I refer my friends?

You can become an affiliate and refer people to FullTilt, every time you refer someone you get 10% of their monthly bill added to your account every single month forever.

What is UFB?

Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) is the next generation of broadband. It is gradually been rolled out across New Zealand over the coming years. Your connection is transmitted via fibre optic cables rather than a copper line with current ADSL and VDSL broadband. It is the broadband of the future.

Does UFB have contracts?

Yes, there’s a 12-month term for all UFB connections.

UFB isn't ready at my address yet. Can i still place my order?

No. In most cases we can only submit orders for addresses that are in the UFB pipeline. In the interim period and depending on availablity in your area, we can connect you to an ADSL/VDSL plan whilst you wait to be connected to UFB.

I currently have UFB with another ISP. Can I move to Fulltilt?

Yes. We can arrange to transfer you to Fulltilt. The process is very easy and usually results in downtime of less than an hour.

Can I switch from my current ADSL/VDSL plan?

Yes. Depending if your address is UFB ready. Please contact us here to see if UFB is available for your address. If so, we can arrange to upgrade your plan. Just log a support ticket under ‘change of plan’.

Do I need a specific router for each UFB plan?

It depends on what speeds your router can handle. If choosing our Pro UFB plan, your router needs to be able to handle speeds of 200/200Mbps download and upload. Many cheaper / free routers struggle even handling 100mbps so it’s definitely worth getting one of the Fulltilt recommended routers.

What router do I need?

You require a UFB ready router. Some VDSL routers will also work, but it’s best if you get something that’s designed with UFB in mind, as many can’t “keep up” with the speed at which we deliver UFB to you.

If you have any questions about router compatibility or need help setting yours up, please contact our support team and we can help you figure it out.

How long will it take for me to get connected?

If your property already has UFB installed, then just a couple of days.

If you require installation, then usually between two weeks and three months, but it depends on what type of installation you require. For single houses with no shared driveways or other complications, usually just a few weeks. For properties where consent is required (apartment blocks, shared driveways etc) and more complex installations, it can take much longer.

What's involved in the installation process?

Once all consents have been gained, Chorus will contact you for a scope visit(s). This will determine what type of installation is required. The legal owner or an authorised tenant must be home to sign off on the end user agreement which advises scope work has been completed.

After the scope visit, Chorus may determine that additional work needs to be completed in order to establish your connection. This can include civil work like changes to the footpath outside your property. FullTilt are not privy to the details of any additional work that is required. Chorus cover costs for this additional work.

Chorus will not undergo any work without the consents from the legal owner or authorised tenant. Chorus may also need consents from your local council for any civil work required.

The next process involved is the Design phase. This phase is where Chorus will plan your installation type and how they will connect your home to the fibre optic cables along the street.

There is no specific timescale for this process, it can vary from a few days to a few months. Once complete, Chorus will then advise the date of your connection. On this installation date, you must be home. Chorus may reschedule this date but will make contact with you first. Chorus require access to your home to install the Optical Networks Terminal (ONT).

What additional work might Chorus need to do?

Depending on your installation type, there are a number of ways that Chorus can wire the fibre to your home; Aerial, ducted, fixed or trenched. Chorus will decide which is the most suitable installation type for you. Civil work may need to be completed before installation. This can be anything from drilling a hole in a wall to digging out a trench to lay the cables. This will be communicated to all people affected either during, or after the inital scope visit.

Is my area UFB ready?

Just submit your complete address information here

What is a Static IP address?

A Static IP address is a singular IP that is assigned to you. Every time you connect to the internet your IP will remain the same. This varies from a Dynamic IP address, which can change each time you reconnect.

How does a Static IP work?

When you connect to the internet, you are assigned an IP address by us, and this remains the same every time your router restarts. This is usually needed in business scenarios where they’re hosting a service from their Fulltilt internet connection.

Will my Static IP ever change? Can i change it?

Once your Static IP has been assigned to you, we cannot change it on that plan. Your Static IP may change if you move between different Fulltilt plans.

Can I choose my own Static IP?

Unfortunately no. Your Static IP will automatically be assigned to you. We will send you an email to confirm we’ve added it to your account. And it will be provided to you via email.

Can I get more than one Static IP?

There is a limit of one Static IP per account. E.g. If you have two Fulltilt broadband connections on different accounts, then each can have a Static IP. However, you cannot have more than one Static IP on the same broadband connection.

Why would I need a Static IP?

Static IP addresses are great for customers running a range of services that would require their IP address to stay the same. These services include VoIP products, gaming consoles, virtual private networks (VPN), email and hosting products.

What should I do if someone blaklist my Static IP?

Fulltilt’s input in this situation will be minimal. Fulltilt will not get involved in issues regarding blacklisting of individual IP addresses. It is your responsibility to contact the relevant parties that have blacklisted the IP and request that the IP be unlisted.

How do I pay my bill?

To keep things super-simple, we take care of everything. We automatically charge the debit or credit card you gave us when you signed up.

We deduct the monthly charge on, or close to, your ‘Bill Date’. That’s the date you got Fulltilt connected.

When do I start paying?

Upon sign up, you will be charged the $49 connection fee. We’ll deduct the first monthly charge on the day you have connection to FullTilt. This date will be your ‘BILL DATE’ going forward.

Fulltilt are a pre-paid service. This means that you will pay for your service in advance at the start of each billing month.

Once your connection has been completed, and connected up, you will be emailed your billing details.

Please note that you cannot change your bill date.

For more information on how to update your payment details, please see the “MY ACCOUNT” section of the FAQ’s.

When will the monthly charge be deducted?

While you’re connected to Fulltilt, we’ll deduct the monthly charge on or around your ‘Bill Date’. That’s the month-a-versary of the first day you got to enjoy Fulltilt broadband.

So, if you were first connected on Tuesday, 25 March 2014, you’ll be charged on the 25th of each month.

There is one instance where your monthly charge won’t actually be deducted on your ‘Bill Date’:

If your ‘Bill Date’ falls on one of those pesky dates that don’t occur every month – like the 29th, 30th and 31st. If your ‘Bill Date’ doesn’t happen one month, we’ll charge you the last day of that month instead.

Please note that you cannot change your bill date.

What is my 'Bill Date'?

That’s the day of the month you got Fulltilt broadband first connected. It’s when we typically deduct the monthly charge from your debit or credit card.

So … if you were first connected on Tuesday, 25 March 2014, your ‘Bill Date’ is the 25th of the month.

There is one instance where your monthly charge won’t actually be deducted on your ‘Bill Date’:

  • If your ‘Bill Date’ falls on one of those pesky dates that don’t occur every month – like the 29th, 30th and 31st. If your ‘Bill Date’ doesn’t happen one month, we’ll charge you the last day of that month instead.

Please note that you cannot change your bill date.

How do I update or switch the card I'm using to pay for Fulltilt?

You can do this through the Fulltilt website. Select MY ACCOUNT and then log in using the Email and Password you provided during sign up.

How often will I be billed?

We’ll deduct your debit or credit card once a month on, or close to, your ‘Bill Date’. That’s the date you got Fulltilt broadband piping into your place.

How much will I be billed?

We’ll charge you the monthly amount associated with the Fulltilt plan you’re currently enjoying:



  • Coasting =$89
  • Steady =$99
  • Cruising =$99




  • Speeding =$119
  • Cranking =$149
  • Fulltilt =$169


Are there any 'hidden' chargers like credit card surcharges?

Nope. What you see is what you get, none of this “credit card convenience fee” nonsense.

What happens if I change my Plan? Do you pro-rate?

Nope. We don’t do any complicated pro-rating calculations if you change your plan. We just work around your ‘Bill Date’.

If you decide you want MORE Fulltilt goodness we’ll increase your speed as soon as we can and you won’t be charged the higher amount until your next ‘Bill Date’. Sweet.

If you decide you want LESS Fulltilt goodness we won’t decrease your speed until your next ‘Bill Date’ – when you’re charged the lower amount. Because you already prepaid for the higher plan you get to enjoy that until the next billing cycle.

What do I need to do to move house?

You can submit a move house request via our Contact Us form. We need at least ten days notice for this. We’ll give you one free house move every six months. If you move more often than that, we’ll have to charge you our cost, which is $50 per move within a 6 month period. It’s possible that your current plan may not be available at your new address, so please let us know as soon as you can so we can find this out in plenty of time.

If you are moving to a house which hasn’t got a broadband connection already, there may be additional wiring charges. The above conditions only apply to addresses that are subjected to availability of our service.

How do I leave Fulltilt?

We’re sorry to see you go. There are two ways you can leave Fulltilt.

  1. If you’re moving to another ISP please let us know via our Contact us form once the other ISP have confirmed the date for the move. That way we can help make sure it all goes smoothly at our end. We’d also love to know why you are switching to help improve our service, especially if we did something wrong 🙁
  2. If you just don’t want broadband anymore, then you can cancel your FullTilt subscription via our Contact us form. We require one business day’s notice.

Where can i find the terms and conditions of Fulltilt?

You can find the Fulltilt terms and conditions here.